5 Best Chromatic Harmonica to Buy in 2017

Welcome to my 2017 guide to some of the best harmonicas on the market. I have owned several ones over the years and some of my favorite models are listed below. If you are a complete beginner I suggest starting with a 12 hole model then upgrade to 14 and finally to a 16 hole. All right let's dive in!

1) Hohner CX-12 

One of the strengths of the CX is a remarkably well built plastic body. It's completely airtight. The mouthpiece is a bit larger than Hohner Mellow Tone or a Seydel Deluxe Steel and may fatigue the jaw if you're making the transition from these models. However it's completely airtight and easy to disassemble for maintenance. You don't need a screwdriver to remove the slide and the cover plates it's very easy to pull apart and put back together thanks to its mechanism.  I've noticed that the slide was a bit noisy. The sound of the instrument is quite unique. French harmonica player Claude Garden made it his harmonica of choice.

One of my go-to harmonica at the moment. I use it for my practice sessions and as a back-up for my concerts and recordings. The sound is warm and full. Every hole works perfectly out of the box except perhaps the 12 draw. I've noticed it didn't come out right on a few SCX that I have ordered. Besides that, it has technically everything we can expect from a good chromatic harmonica such as Abs combs, phosphor bronze reed plates and an ergonomic mouthpiece. The two parts slide mechanism makes the cleaning fast and easy. Most of Hohner's or Seydel's models are built with three parts. I wish the button slide was better glued as I had a few one which came off. So make sure to check it six months or a year after purchase.  Available in 12, 14 and 16 hole version.

5) Suzuki Sirius S64 

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