6 of My Favorite Jazz Solos to Warm Up

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  • Seeing this post, which is an amazing testament to Your work ethic, is why I became a lifetime member of HS. You are a great educator who really walks the walk!
    Bravo,mon ami!!!

  • For everyone’s benefit:
    Could you explain your process
    As to how you learn these extended
    Solos. Do you ever write things down on paper? Do you everything totally by ear? Or is it a little of both? Do you practice them
    Daily to remember them? It’s a lot of information to recall!! Thanks!!

  • I don’t write or read it. First I listen to it actively and start singing the solo along the recording. After a while I can sing the whole solo with accurate rhythm and pitch. It’s about copying the solo time feel, accentuation, rhythm and pitch as precise as you can.
    Secondly, I’ll start learning the solo on my harmonica slowly, phrase by phrase.

  • Do you use a C chromatic for all of these, or are you using chromatic in a specific key. And if so, which key for each song?

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