Alfredo Torres – Amazing Grace

Congratulations to Alfredo - our new Harmonica Studio Legend!

Well done Alfredo from New York with this awesome duo piano and harmonica. Check out his version of "Amazing Grace"! Give him some support in a comment below:)

About Alfredo

What harmonica mode(s) do you play? 

I enjoy collecting harmonicas almost as much as playing them. I have multiple types of Tremolo,  Diatonic, Chromatic, Chord harmonicas, Bass harmonicas, Baby Fats, and even polyphonic harmonicas.  My current favorite is the M. Suzuki S-48B, the so-called Bass Chromatic. Its mellow deep tones are  amazing.  

When did you start learning harmonica?  

My father started me off on a tremolo harmonica when I was in elementary school. I played a lot at  church and early on at school. However, due to the rigors of College, Medical School, and a busy  medical career, I played very little for 4 or so decades. When I started playing again, it was mostly on  diatonics. It was only after joining Yvonnick’s school that I began to learn the chromatic. I am still very  much a beginner on the chromatic.  

What are your top songs to play?  

Somewhere over the Rainbow. My mother requested this one the most, and always cried when I played  it for her.  Ave Maria. (I am currently learning to play Prelude in C Major on the piano).  Silent Night, my favorite Christmas Carol.  

What are some of your musical goals?  

Learning to play harmonica from sheet music. With the Tremolo and Diatonic harps, I played by ear. My  wife plays piano and flute; in order to play duets with her I need to master sheet music.  

Until my recent retirement I was the medical director at two nursing homes. I hope to return to them  (once the pandemic issue is resolved) and entertain the residents with Christmas music. My wife will  accompany me.  

How long have you been a Harmonica Studio member?  

I joined as soon as I learned about it, in December of 2017. Then I became a life-member 2-3 months  later., an excellent deal!  

What do you like about it? How has it helped you?  

It would not be possible to find a live harmonica teacher at this time. Yvonnick’s school fills this need  very nicely. As a total beginner at the Chromatic I have all the tools I need, including theory, learning to  read sheet music, loads of easy music to play, and hearing Yvonnick himself play the tunes. 

What’s your favorite courses/lessons on Harmonica Studio? 

The lesson “Directional Combinations in C” is phenomenal; there is so much information on just one  printable PDF. I hope Yvonnick can provide similar sheets for at least a few other keys. I also greatly  enjoyed the course “Easy Folk and Traditional Songs”

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  • Delightful. I enjoyed you and your wife playing together. Lovely. I’m certain residences of your homes will enjoy you playing at some point soon.

  • Alfredo, beautiful playing with your beautiful wife. I, too, got serious on the chromatic as soon as I retired after 36 years as a roving journalist. I’m in Austin, Texas. Where do you live? I also collect harmonicas! Drop me a line at
    I had a Marine Band A harp tattooed on my arm on my 60th birthday!

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