Autumn Leaves – Harmonica Studio Virtual Ensemble

Happy New Year! Let's get our 2022 off to the right start.

I'm very happy to share a new video of the Virtual Ensemble.Thank you to Veronique, Mauny, Eric, Burton, Barry and Tomasz for their great playing.

Looking to work on new challenges and tunes with all of you in the coming months! 

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  • Thank you for creating these challenges. I was intimidated by the challenge of improvising and so I didn’t – but it has given me the incentive and push to get my triads and chords memorized in all 12 keys. My hat off to those participants that did step up to your challenge. Good work on their part and you too for pulling it all together so well.

  • Thanks a lot, Yvonnick (and Bonne Année), I know it takes a lot of work to put those together. Looks like only two improv parts made the final cut though…

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