Top 3 Best Amps for Chromatic Harmonica

Finding a good amp for the chromatic harmonica takes time, but if you're looking for a warm and clean sound I would recommend you to choose from a guitar acoustic amp or a portable PA system.

Below, you see a few guitar amps to check out which may help you in your search of the perfect amp.

I have tested over the years perhaps 30 models and these are the ones I bought and uses regularly at my gigs and rehearsals.

Let's see what each has to offer.


In my search for the perfect amp I didn't want to compromise between portability and awesome sound.

The Roland Acoustic  AC 40 is my favorite amp to use for gigs in New York City!  

It's very lightweight, compact and has a great tone!

I can carry it easily on my shoulder in a Gator Case which I bought separately on Amazon.  

It may not have the same  volume power than the Fishman Loud Mini and Acoustic Lunchbox but it will be enough for most club dates.


  • Great  clarity and tone
  • Chorus effects
  • Anti-feedback function
  • Light weight
  • Battery powered
  • Looper integrated
  • Good quality price


  • Fragile construction
  • No chorus knob


If you're looking for a rich warm sound and don't focus on portability this amp is probably what you need!

I had been using the Loud Mini for a while and never had an issue with it.

Quite the contrary I'm always amazed at how good it sounds after 6 years and perhaps one hundred gigs in the city.

Fishman has recently updated the Loud Mini series with a battery powered version, the Loud Mini Charge.



  • Heavyweight


The best looking amp I have seen on the market.

Club owners love to see that thing on a stool or part of there decoration. ZT has definitely raised the bar in term of design.

It's also the most powerful of the trio and most expensive. Relatively lightweight and compact the Acoustic Lunchbox is easy to transport for gigs.  

It sounds like the EQ has been shaped for the acoustic guitar.  

According to me it's not as warm and mellow as the amps above.

That being said, with a BOSS EQ pedal you can still make it sound awesome after a few adjustments.



  • A little overpriced

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