Burton Moon – Blue Skies

Congratulation to Burton Moon, our latest Harmonica Studio Legend. Burton is an active HS member who has been featured on a few  Virtual Ensemble performances such as “Moon River”, “Bluesette” and “Montauk Blues”.

Listen to his interpretation of “Blue Skies” and share some love in the comment section:)

Interview with Burton 

What harmonica model(s) do you play?

I feel fortunate – I have a Seydel Saxony.  It plays beautifully, especially in the higher range.  It’s mouth piece is not as comfortable as my Suzuki or Hohner.  Then I also have a Suzuki Sirius 64.  It has lovely tone and feels very good in my hands.  It is pleasurable to play and never hurts my lips.  I also have a Hohner Super X 64 Performance.  It’s has a bright tone and is nice to hold and play too.  I like all 3.   If I were on a desert island and could only have one harmonica – I would choose the Suzuki for overall pleasure of playing.

When did you start learning harmonica?

I starting playing a diatonic in 1996. I committed to practicing 10 minutes a day.  After about 3 years, I was introduced to the chromatic harmonica. I played by counting the numbers of the notes.  After several years, I learned enough music notation  to play several melodies from fake books. I started to become much more serious about investing time and learning music theory when I signed up with Yvonnick. I now put in an hour or more a day into doing practice and memorizing scales, chords and such like.

What are your top 3 favorite songs to play?

At present I am refining my “Moon River”,  “Autumn Leaves”, and “Blue Moon.”

What are some of your musical goals?

To be more musical in my playing, less mechanical.  To be comfortable reading music in any key.  To play comfortably several tunes from the “American Songbook” and a few classical pieces too.

How long have you been a Harmonica Studio member?

I joined April of 2020.

What do you like about it? How has it helped you?

Harmonica Studio has helped me in several ways. It has made me attend to a lot of basics.  I read music much better.  I can play lots of short phrases in a blues and jazz style that I would have never tried or even known about without Yvonnick’s instruction.  I know a lot more music theory that I ever did before.  I’m starting to understand and relate to much more musical terminology.  I do like the organization of the Pathways and the alternative of Course List to direct my practices. The pod casts interviews with different harmonica players have been helpful too. I have learned much about chromatic harmonicas in my time with Harmonica Studios.  Meeting other students is another benefit of membership.

What are your favorite courses/lessons on Harmonica Studio?

I have come a long way in the almost year that I have been a member of the Harmonica Studio.  I have been helped by doing lots and lots of working on my different scales, arpeggios, inversions, groups of notes, intervals and such like technical exercises.  I have moved forward in understanding more music theory so that I can understand a bit more when musicians talk about their music.  I like the break down of courses by the different scales and chords.  I still do have challenges with really knowing what chord is what when different names are being thrown around.  I’m still at a point of not getting what to play over different chords or modes.  But I do see promise.  I like lots of the song exercises – there are a range of levels offered. I am playing some tunes that I never thought I’d be able to attempt.  I look forward to continued study and challenges with Harmonica Studios.

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