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  • This course has been a very good investment, well put together and contructive As good as attending music school..

    Always updated with new material and great for revision.

    I look forward to continuing my studies with Yvonnick Prene Harmonicas School.


  • I joined in September 2020. It took me many years to finally discover a thorough Jazz course at an affordable price. Yvonnick must have spent hours, if not months putting together a fantastic course with theory, demonstrations, play-along exercises, and song analysis. I am progressing through it all in small bites, and am very pleased with my progress.


  • Yvonnick, Thank you for doing all the work of putting this program together. I am benefiting. I am improving my technique and better able to read music. Slowly, I’m learning to do the 12 major scales, intervals, inversions. I’m loving the program. Thanks again.

  • I joint the program only some ten days ago and I already notice my improvements in improvising. The step-by-step approach of Yvonnick’s improvisation workouts are fantastic! After years of half-cooked improvisation attempts I finally decided to give it a more serious try. I’m so glad I signed up!

  • Yvonnick has produced an exceptional course. He manages to make the discipline of learning comfortable and fun, which I really respect. PS/ New York Moments. Incredible creativity and technical mastery.

  • This is a note of appreciation to Yvonnick for this program. Thank you for creating all these lessons and helping organize a format in which to get to know music theory, harmonica techniques, harmonica gear. My ear has improved much and I am appreciating more and more music theory and as I build upon the basics, gradually becoming more musical. Taking your program is proving to be a great investment for me.

  • Yvonnick, It’s almost 1 year since I first signed up for your Harmonica Studio. I have benefitted much and intend to sign up for another year. Please sign me in for another year. Where I have benefitted includes knowledge of harmonica gear, harmonica technique, and music theory. I still need to grow in music theory understanding and my harmonica technique and overall musical freedom of expression. I expect this is a lifetime effort. I am pleased with having progressed and look forward to becoming more comfortable, more solid in music theory understanding and being able to begin making much more sweet music on my own and in small ways with others should the opportunity present itself. Thanks for all the work and effort you have put into creating this program. I’ve been much enriched and you have exposed me to much that I was unfamiliar with. Thank you. Burton

  • Hi Yvonnick: I’m trying to log into my account after a long absence. It won’t let me in even though I have a lifetime membership. Please help.
    Happy Thanksgiving to you and your partner and family!
    John Cuddington

  • I developed a way to clean my harmonicas. It seems to work well. The problem is usually sticking valves (breath savers). It requires being carful, and have steady hands. I clean under each and every valve that is on the outside of the plates. It is rare that a valve will stick on the inside (inhale side). I use a narrow strip of thin felt material. I use a small perfume spray bottle. I carefully spray the entire plate with water, then after a few minutes, I carefully wipe dry with cloth that has no loose thread. I put a small binder clip on one end of the narrowly cut felt material. Spray the felt wet. Next, using the end of a safety pin, I carefully lift the valve, insert the wet strip of felt under the valve (careful not to cause it to bend, or break off. Use a finger to gently press the valve onto the moistened felt. Keeping the pressure on the valve, pull out the felt gently (think “wiping” sticky material off). You may repeat once or twice. To finish drying out, use the dry strip of felt the same way. Put your mouth on the mouth piece to test results by blowing on each hole several times. If satisfied, put the plates back on. I know it’s a long explanation, but in reality, after doing this a few times, it will become second nature. Always brush your teeth, slosh water in your mouth before playing.

  • I started this course in 2020. It is 2023, and I am reviewing it again. Nearly four years ago, I didn’t understand 1st, 2nd position, etc. I didn’t understand flat third, flat 5th. I had no previous theory training. During this visit, I finally understand the meaning of all this. Practicing is becoming easier, and even more valuable. I urge everyone to keep revisiting all these courses. Do it over & over again! Thank you, Yvonnick for these great courses!

  • Hi Yvonick
    Question on ,Sunday and Black Sheep .I am up to 80 bpm with both ,what speed should I shoot For ?

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