Alone Together: Hacks & Tips

“Alone Together” is a standard AABA form in the key of D minor. Very often called in jam session, this is a must know song that we’ll get into together! Interestingly the A is 14 bars long different from the typical 16 bars form and finishes with a Picardy cadence, in other word with a major chord. The bridge is a classic 8 bars form and goes through G minor and F major.

In This Course You’re Going to Learn:

  • The harmonic progression of Alone Together
  • Scales & arpeggios
  • Jazz improvisation devices
  • And a lot more…

Ready to get into it? Let’s dive in!

Recommended Listening:

Art Blakey The Jazz Messengers, “At the Cafe Bohemia Vol. 1”, 1955

​Ella Fitzgerald, Ella Swings Lightly with Nelson, 1962

​Sonny Stitt, New York Jazz, 1966



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Course Includes

  • 8 Lessons