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  • About Fur Elise. When I was in college in New York I lived with five other guys at the Waverly. We wore head bands and played air guitar and were stoned most of the time. In the apartment next door a ten year old girl was learning piano and torturing every note of Fur Elise. She played it over and over, day after day, maddeningly interrupting our KoomByYa. We couldn’t stand it and finally decided that we had to kill her. Five of us wanted to throw her out a window, despite New York regulations against sidewalk litter. But one person, a very religious Catholic said that our idea was disgusting and he couldn’t do it. Nevertheless, someone suggested strangling her with a rosary and he agreed that this would be OK. But nothing happened. I was the only one who remembered what we were talking about.

  • Listening to children practicing the same song over & over again is a lesson to us grownups to enjoy the little things that make us become good at what we do. However, that being said, I have shared similar feelings, while in high school, when my neighbor’s child was doing the same…

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