Diatonic Arpeggios Work Out

  • c,est une question de reptition ..Bonne chance a tous..

    Good stuff… makes you want to practice more and learn more..

    Always room for improvement……Merci….Excellent Course and good value.

  • what a great a lesson, Ive practice all my major scales a lot during this 5 years Ive been trying to master the chromatic. Already knew how to create them, dont know why always playing the arpeggios makes me get tired. Is it more easy to play the scales since the movements are simpler. Are arppeggios more difficult to learn than scales.

  • This is good. The last pattern is interesting starting on the ii. The virtual center (in your head) keeps moving. It sound great with a little swing. I should transpose it to different keys. I’ll try to work it into one of my solos

  • It is a great course worth revisiting often as a warm up, and to increase proficiency. Hard to do it fast, but each time I return, I feel much better at it.

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