Group of Notes in All 12 Keys

In this course, we are going to practice 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6 note group patterns. These patterns are great to improve technique and learn your major scales. In jazz improvisation, they will help us to generate lines using scale fragments with the chord tones lending on the downbeat. Each example comes along with  audio, solfeggio and harmonica tabs. The order of the lessons follow the cycle of fifth in all 12 keys.

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  • 14 Lessons
  • A question of repitition and perfection , these exercises will improve a novice player to
    a player of good standing….look forward to continuing the course material. Stevie.

  • Super course! I am a guitar player and aspiring to be a chromatic harmonica player. So many things to work on. Used to play diatonic blues harp, but find it somewhat detrimental to chromatic playing. I need to develop some sort of daily practice routine.

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