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  • I do love the new Hohner and its beautiful tone and design! Time will tell how the lower reeds will hold up. I also love the Seydel case. A great solution for traveling harpmen, or those who play in Minnesota. It protects your instruments very well and is a good investment. It is so easy to drop or scratch your instrument when you do not have a good reliable system.

  • I love my new Hohner SUPER 64 Performance. It plays much easier than my old and worn-out Hohner hard bopper. It is air tight, the mouth piece is comfortable and te slide action is very smooth. The extra octave gives more possibilities and a nice deep sound.

  • I like most the Saxony and the Volcany from Seydel in Klingenthal among the 12 hole harmonicas , which are not mention in the presented list.

  • I purchased the Suzuki Sirius 16 holes. I was very disappointed to find it extremely leaky. I could hear and my own air escaping from where mouth piece makes contact with comb. Makes it tough to play. I am returning it. Any remedies out there. Anything that would work? Too bad, because the sound is otherwise very good…

  • I have 4 chromatics and I like them all but if I could have only one, I would choose my Suzuki Sirius. I’ve had no such issues as you describe. I’ve had it for 2 years and do spend a lot of time using it. I’ve cleaned it several times and I’ve had no real challenges putting it back together. Filip Jers, the Swedish Harmonica player that Yvonnick interviewed once, uses Suzuki exculsively. He’s an incredible player like Yvonnick. I wouldn’t know how to fix the issue your having.

  • I bought a “used like new” Sirius 68 on Amazon for a little over $300. As I said, it leaked in the mid range. So, I decided to find out why. I set the mouth piece on a glass panel, and noticed there was a slight curve causing a gap which let air escape due to poor contact with comb’s surface. I took a chance straightening it by gradually applying force to bend it slightly in the opposite direction (it wasn’t easy). Luckily it didn’t break. Now when screws are tightened, there is no more leak, and I am not returning it. It sounds very well, and I like playing it now. Perhaps the previous owner was rough on it, or may have even dropped it, causing mouthpiece to bend…

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