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  • Hi Yvonnick,
    I struggle with the Tongue Blocking. Mouthpieces are different: square, round, semicircular holes in different distances. The holes feel different with the tongue depending on the harmonica model.

    What do you think? Is it better to learn Tongue Blocking first on a single harmonica, or on different models from the beginning?

  • That’s right the holes feel different depending on the harmonica you play. I found the Seydels to feel bit sharp on the tongue. I like the Hohner Super 64x, 270 and Suzuki models more comfortable for tongue blocking personnaly. I think you should select the instrument you enjoy playing the most. The one that feels right to you. At the end there is no harmonicas designed for tongue blocking specifically. We have to adapt and it’s a bit different for everyone.

  • I skimmed over this course awhile ago. Now back to it seriously. Significant and very well taught techniques. Much appreciated. Worth a few months of effort. I recall reading Bonfiglio saying it took him a year to left corner block and I think this material gets you there.

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