Ken – My Harmonica Studio Legends

John, please welcome Ken, a chromatic harmonica musician from New York, to our hall of fame! Take a listen to his rendition of the lovely ballad "For All We Know," which was penned by J. Fred Coots and lyricist Sam Lewis.

 What model(s) of harmonica do you play?

Hohner 64x and Super 64X; I also use the Xpression, which I picked up in June.

When did you begin your harmonica studies?

I have dabbled on and off for many years but not with jazz. When I joined Harmonica Studio, I began spending more time practicing and trying to develop a jazz repertoire.

Which three songs do you prefer to play the most?

I do not have any favorite songs, but I love to play anything by Gershwin, Cole Porter, and other works from the Songbook. I listen to a lot of Bill Evans, Brubeck, and Miles Davis.

What musical aspirations do you have?

I want to be able to play in any key at any time on any song.  If I know the melody, and it is a key that is comfortable for me, I can play without much of a problem. I cannot do this in all keys, but I am getting better with practice.

How long have you been a member of My Harmonica Studio?

I think I have been a member for about a year and half. I am very happy that I discovered it. Yvonnick has done such a great job putting together the exercises and trying to build a community.

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  • Ken, that’s a breathtakingly hard tune–pun intended. Did you learn an existing harmonica arrangement or did you blaze a trail on this tune with the chrom? I’ve never seen anyone use the heel of their hand on the button–most of us use index fingers–but you make it work. Very nice job.

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