Student Pathways

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In this first section you will learn fundamental techniques of the harmonica, how to hold the harmonica, where the notes are located, how to breathe properly, going from hole to the next and a lot more. If you're a beginner or looking to go back to explore essential techniques then this is the best place to start!


The intermediate courses are designed for players who have been playing for at least 3 years and are familiar with the layout of the harmonica. By the end of Level 2 you should be able to:

  1.  locate any note easily and fast throughout the octave
  2. Know basic major and minor scales
  3. Play the blues scale in different keys
  4. Read music sheet and understand chord symbols
  5. Play simple pop, folk or jazz standard melodies


This section concentrates on teaching jazz improvisation and advanced chromatic harmonica techniques. By the end of Level 3 a successful student should be able to: 

  1. Improvise over jazz standards
  2. play by heart diatonic arpeggios in all keys
  3. learn improv' concepts
  4. develop a jazz repertoire 
  5. know the bebop scales in all 12 keys
  6. play effortlessly in all tempo and in all 12 keys