Mauny “Let’s Fall in Love”

April 19th 2020,

Congratulations to Mauny - our first Harmonica Studio Legend!

Well done Mauny from Albuquerque with this great recording of "Let's Fall in Love"!

Give him some support in a comment below:)


What harmonica model(s) do you play?
I like the Suzuki SCX 64, followed by the Hohner Super 64. I also enjoy playing my 12 hole Kongsheng from time to time.

When did you start learning harmonica?

I started playing a diatonic harmonica at age 10. I never took lessons. I played folk music from around the world, all by ear.

What are your top 3 favorite songs to play? 

I will name favorite songs I now play on the chromatic, since it has,m for the last year, been my preferred instrument. The three favorites are: 1. Take Five, Desmond 2. The Entertainer, Joplin 3. Somewhere Over the Rainbow, Harburg & Arlen.

What are some of your musical goals?

I used to play folk music & blues with other musicians, all on diatonic harmonicas. Switching to the chromatic harmonica, I would like to learn jazz and achieve a similar level.

How long have you been a Harmonica Studio member?

I joined HS in late August 2019, nearly a year ago.

What do you like about it? How has it helped you?

My search was long before I decided to sign up to HS. Firstly, I like how thorough the course is. I had no musical theory before starting. Secondly, I like the ability to take the classes at my own pace. Thirdly, I like that Harmonica Studio has multiple directions that include blues, folk, classical, and mainly, jazz. I like that the course keeps evolving with new lessons, new challenges, and new interviews of real world harmonica players. In the short time I have been a HS student, I am already able to understand some crucial aspects relating to jazz, and above all, play tunes I couldn’t imagine were possible at my level.

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  • Well done …lots of work and effort gone into your playing..

    We can all only get better …we never stop learning and improving..

    even the great players of the world always strive to improve there playing.
    Thanks ..nice..S.

  • Hi Mauny: Just listened to your version of Let’s Fall in Love. Very nice! Do u still live in ARQ? I used to go there a lot before my father-in-law passed away a few years ago. I live in Boulder, CO. Cheers, John

  • Oh, my goodness! I had no idea this was posted. Just ran into it by chance. I am pleasantly surprised, and humbled. Thank you all for your encouraging comments. It is through hard work that we try to be our best, and the road is always long.

    Again, thank you for the comments, and thank you, Yvonnick for creating an in-depth course !

    Mauny Muray

  • Thanks, Jeff. I was encouraged by a friend to take more courses. At first I was intimidated, worried I would be overwhelmed, but I ended up taking a jazz improvisation class at the local university, plus piano lessons. As a beginner, this gives me a good run that is worth it, and I recommend to everyone. My foundation is with HS, where practically there is no stone unturned.

  • Hi John: sorry it took me so long to thank you. Yes, I still live in ABQ. I have been to Boulder a few times in winter for skiing. It’s a beautiful town! Cheers back, Mauny

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