Moon River – Harmonica Virtual Ensemble

I'm very excited to share with you the new Harmonica Studio Virtual Ensemble video. You guys played beautifully!

Big thanks to Veronique, Mauny, Horst, Jeff, Ryan, Ayana, Fernando, Burton, Trees, Scott, Jessica, Ralf and Tom for your performance. Killing!

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  • Hmm, so looks like WeTransfer didn’t work for me. For the other project I couldn’t get it to work, so I used youtube instead. With this it looked like the videos uploaded fine (though it was taking ages) but I was wondering at the time that I didn’t get any confirmation. Well, good to see that others made it. The result is pretty impressive

  • Thank you Yvonnick for making this happen. It is really lovely to hear some of your other students and how very good they are. I think you must be some what of a sound engineering genius to put it together so seamlessly.

  • Hello Tomasz, I am sorry I didn’t see your video. Did you send an email? Also I can’t use Youtube, I need the video file. You can send it through Dropbox, wetransfert and Whatsapp as well.

  • Again, the mix is professionally done! Thank you, Yvonnick, for putting us to the task. It’s good to have goals with deadlines. Above all, it is a learning tool seeing each participant’s take, all in one place. Bravo to all!

  • A pleasure to participate with all of you in this!! Tremendous job editing all of this together! Thanks to you all!

  • It’s so much fun to see everyone’s solos on Moon River. This was my first ensemble, I am looking forward to more. Thanks for doing this , Yvonnick! It makes me feel less like I am off alone on a lost harmonica island.

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