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Are you ready to bring your harmonica playing to the next level?

The One-on-One provides weekly personalized feedback and advice on how to improve as a harmonica player.

With The One-on-One you get the help you need.

Song Learning

Receive personal help on how to play a specific piece the right way.

Jazz Improvisation

Get personal help developing your improvisation skills and jazz repertoire.


Get help in identifying weaknesses in your technique and advice on how to improve quickly.


Get weekly personalized assignments to make consistent progress.

Music Theory

Tap into learning fundamental concepts the pros use to understand, analyze and create music.

Arpeggios & Scales

Finally get the help you need to learn scales and arpeggios in all twelve keys.

The One-On-One gives you a personal one-to-one Coach to keep you on track.

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The One-on-One is the fastest way to develop your playing skills




  • Weekly 20min Live Session with Yvonnick
  • Personalized Assignments
  • Direct feedback and support

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