SPAH 2019 Harmonica Festival

I just came back of a week of performances and seminars at Spah (Society for the Preservation and Advancement of the Harmonica), the largest harmonica festival in the USA. I can’t thanks enough Hohner and the great people at Spah for invinting me this year.  I played in duo with Avi Rothbard on guitar an eclectic set of songs on the new Super 64x and an old customized 64X. 

Hundreds of diatonic as well as chromatic players were gathered at the Hyatt Hotel in Tulsa to attend dozen of master-classes and concerts.  A line up of some of the best harp players including Charlie Musselwhite, Joe Filisko, David Barrett, Winslow Yerxa, Phil Duncan, John Gindick, Ronnie Schellist among other greats! Next year Spah will take place in St Louis. I truly recommend to take a trip there if you love the harmonica as much as I do!

 Yvonnick Prene with  Jon Gindick, Charlie Musselwhite, David Barrett and Phil Duncan.

Check out some of my friends at SPAH:

SPAH Official Website

David Barrett and his huge online platform for blues harmonica lessons at

Joe Spiers, one of the premiere diatonic harmonica  customizer in the USA.

Joe Filisko, master of tongue blocking, traditional harp styles and a lot more... check out his duet albums

Winslow Yerxa, harmonica specialist and author of bestselling books such as "Harmonica For Dummies".

Yvonnick Prene teaching a class on jazz improvisation at SPAH

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