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  • Just started my seven day trial for a dollar. (August 17, 2020) Looking forward to checking out some of the course offerings.

  • 65 years ago (1955) my mom bought me a 64 Chromonica for $29.95. I put it in a drawer for 50 years, but am now determined to pick up where I left off. Just bought a new 64 for $299.95 (inflation, yikes) for myself and so mom can hear me (from up above) once again. Great site Yvonnick! Anxious to jump in.

  • Guys I’ve just finished the fundamental techniques course and I’ve struggled. A lot of the terminology Yvonnick uses goes right over my head. I don’t know if I’m being hard on myself or that after finishing that course I should know these things Is there a better course to start on here for complete beginners?
    Thank you in advance

  • Greetings Sarah,

    Thanks for reaching out!

    I would love to help you.

    Would you be interested in taking a private lesson with me so I can better guide you?

    This would allow me to set aside the time to listen to you play and give you constructive feedback in order to point you in the right direction.

    If that’s not something you’re interested in, you can post a video of yourself playing a song or one of the exercises and I can give you some pointers upon viewing the video.


  • I have played the diatonic harmonica for 50 years, as a high performing amateur musician, and had the honor of sitting in with some great bands: Stevie Ray Vaughan, Asleep At The Wheel, Hot Club Of Cowtown. I play regularly in a couple of pickup bands here in Austin. I love jazz and Brazilian and I’ve struggled to play the chrom as long as I’ve played a 10-holer. I read music poorly, but I have a good ear. I desperately want to get better on the chrom. I play decent heads (muscle memory) but I still struggle with improv. An acquaintance recently told me about this website for chrom instruction—who knew!? So here I am.

  • Hi, everyone. I’m Barry from Israel (formerly Chicago). I just enrolled in Yvonnick’s school and I’ve very excited! I never though I’d be a 69-year-old student! I’ve been playing chromatic and diatonic harps for about 13 years and I’m in a rock n’ roll band. I look forward to playing in the virtual ensemble because I love to perform!!! Good luck to all my classmates!

  • Hello! My name is Dmytro Zharyi, I am 37 years old, I am a lawyer from Ukraine, Dnipro. When I was a kid – I played tenor in the school orchestra. Best memories! Then I learned to play the guitar. Unfortunately, now I can’t play tenor or guitar because I have a disability. But I can play the harmonica! I know the notes, but I can’t improvise. You can hear three melodies on my YouTube channel – I would be happy to meet you and learn to play the harmonica together! My Facebook account is:

  • Hey, my name is Geert, living in Belgium. I just became a lifetime membre. I bought already some books about bluesharp and Chromatic harmonica, but I need some structure to work with. I guess this will help me on my way to become a better harmonica player .

  • Hey my name is Geert, I have a question concerning the written exercices, are they available in pdf. I want to print some of them so i can take it with me. Example: Chromatic scale pattern, forst course in the fundamentals. Printscreen doesn’t work verry good
    Friendly regards

  • Pdfs are available to download on many lessons. I don’t recommend to print exercises…It’s far more profitable to practice memorizing them. You’ll improve so much more.

  • Hi Everyone !!
    My name Is Michaël, I’m from Rennes (France). I’m a professional piano player, composer and teacher.
    I just bought my first chromatic harmonica, an Hohner “Toots” Hard Bopper, and I’m very happy to join Harmonica Studio !
    Have a great day !

  • Hello Michaël, bienvenue à toi. Rennes? je connais bien. J’avais de la famille à St Armel… Bravo pour avoir choisi un Hohner Toots Hard Bopper. Une de mes harmonica préfère au niveau de sa sonorité

  • Hi – I’m Gus Olmos from the USA, originally from Panama. I have been playing harmonica for a number of years; mostly diatonic and chromatic harmonica in the traditional blues 3rd position. I’m looking forward to expand my knowledge, skills and repertoire on the chromatic harmonica.

  • Welcome Agustin! I’m looking forward listening to your harmonica playing. Feel free to submit a video/audio recording in the forum for feedback.

  • Hello. I am Kimmo, 51 years old, living in Sweden. I am a total beginner when it comes to playing the harmonica. I enjoy finding new challenges. I have a chromatic harmonica. I look forward to take on this musical journey. I enjoy listening to jazz, tango argentino and chanson française. In addition, I work everyday at a health center as a general practitioner and in my spare time I dance Argentine tango.
    Great site by the way!

  • Yvonnick,
    Last night I was working on the “Group of Notes” lessons in the intermediate pathway. I noticed 2 places where the written music was not in agreement with the sound track. In the group of 4 notes, the last measure repeats the previous group rather than ascending as the sound track does. In the group of 5 notes, in the 4th measure, a B was missing between the A and F#. Just thought you might want to know. Thanks.


  • Hi All
    Dabbled with Diatonic and Chromatics for years ,but outside of a few songs, not improved much ,so at 67 I am getting serious to get Better and to focus my Practice to reach a higher level of skill .

  • Dmytro,
    In your music I hear you crying for your country. It makes me cry for your country as well. Your song is so beautiful but so sad. Thank you for sharing it.

  • I am an 87 year old having started playing the chromatic at age 83. I had taken violin lessons at age 10 but nothing since. In 2022 Greg Jones, the Seydel service rep in the US insisted I take lessons and recommended Michael Rubin who has been great. My music budget is small and I have only had 6 lessons from Michael, but, they have been impactful. I decided to join the Studio because I can play along with the exercises from Yvonnick and get feedback from other players as well. I like to play Celtic ballads, folk, show tunes, standards and some light classical pieces. I am currently playing a Suzuki Sirius56 and an Easttop16. I just posted my first video an the Ask For Criticism Forum and received very nice compliments. Interactions with other players would be welcome as there are no other chromatic harmonica players in my geographic area.

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