Tan “Bye Bye Blackbird”


What harmonica model(s) do you play? I normally switch between 3 harmonicas depending on the sound concept that inspires me. they are nex64x (the black one), CX12jazz model and Super chromonica 48 (the wooden comb one).

When did you start learning harmonica?
Let me tell you my story, I was a horn player who at first, aim to be playing abroad and studying in europe. The reason that I try to reach out abroad is because in 2009 I developed a specific task, focal dystonia, with my embouchure. So I always try to find someone who can help both inside and outside the country. Unfortunately, no one can help me at that time.So I begin my journey fighting this problem until now. In 2016 I  got a scholarship in Vienna, so I started learning german, and I got to know a harmonica's world because of the german textbook. I am really interested and will start playing a harmonica in mid 2016.

What are your top 3 favorite songs to play? My top 3 songs are Bluesette, waves (jobim) and donna lee.

What are some of your musical goals?
I would say my goal is to be a professional musician, I really want people to have fun, enjoy and be touched by the music. Also I love to share thoughts and ideas, teaching as well. It would be great if some of my words will inspire someone.

How long have you been a Harmonica Studio member?
I have been in the harmonica studio since november 2017.

What do you like about it? How has it helped you?
I would say this studio gave me lots of things. It is actually a library of mind.I like the community that is very friendly, inspiring and positive. I really enjoy being a part of this studio and yes this helps me alot.

What’s your favorite courses/lessons on Harmonica Studio? I love the jazz course and all the exercise but my favorite thing is to get some comments for yvonnick and you guys from asking for feedback.

Let's give Tan from Thailand a big round of applause for being our new Harmonica Studio Legend of the month! He has put the time and effort into learning  jazz harmonica and made a ton of progress! He is also a professional French Horn player.

Give him some support in a comment below:)

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  • Good one…I hear all those II-V patterns…wow you are really getting good…
    all that hard work is paying off!!! Do you play jazz on the french horn as well?

  • Sounds great, Tan! This is one of the tunes I’m working on as well, and you’re a step ahead of me!

  • Wonderful playing Tan! I can tell you are already a fine Jazz musician. You have a good technique and phrasing. One small improvement I would suggest humbly, would be to stretch some the notes ending a phrase, with a longer breath or vibrato. That would give more “color” to the sound.

  • >